Friday, 17 June 2011

Displaying Header information in each of the Page in BI Publisher

Last week, i had issue where I wanted to display the Header column information in all the pages in BI publisher. The output was displaying the header information only in first page and not in all the pages.

I found an interesting solution for this from one of post in net.

I am just repeating the same here.

Step1 : This is the RTF which i was used :

Step 2 : Select the first two rows (header columns to be displayed in multiple pages)

Step 3 : Right click

Step 4 : Select Table properties and select Row Tab. In options select the second checkbox : "Repeat as Header row at the top of each page"

Step 5 : Click OK and Save the RTF File.

That's it. I could achieve my required functionality. Output displayed header information in all the pages.

Hope this helps..

This is the URL, where i got the solution  : Site URL.

Tons of thanks for the author.

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